20+ Stunning Luxury Beach Apartment Terrace Ideas

new garden apartments in luxury resort

new garden apartments in luxury resort

Who wouldn’t love a comfortable house right by the ocean or an enthralling lake house with views to rival the setting from “On Golden Pond”. I do know I fantasize about at some point buying a little place by the ocean and know exactly how I would like it to be decorated. it might first need to be welcoming, inviting and calming…after all its a getaway and therefore the whole idea is about entering a replacement space, a real oasis far away from the routine. it might have a soft and lightweight palette, with pops of color some rooms but overall a soothing and lightweight neutral feeling is what I envision.

?It would need to have a killer kitchen, not an enormous one but one large enough for clambakes and preparing dozens of BBQs and hosting smores parties,etc…..you get the image. then the views…ah, the views, vital. It just has got to have that “welcome home” feel that I feel is that the hallmark of a successful interior/home. So what about you? If you had or if you’ve got a beach/lake house…..what makes it so wonderful? What would you be doing to it? Here are some inspirational beach/lake house interiors…that made me wish for one before later. does one have a favorite?

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