33 Charming Hawaii Bathroom Themes Design

Hawaii Bathroom Themes Design 27

Hawaii Bathroom Themes Design 27

Planning to transform your bathroom into a beach paradise? you simply got to know a couple of simple rules also as remember your fondest tropical objects to make the design you’ve always wanted.

You may prefer to make drastic changes or gradually add a couple of things at a time until you attain the right ambiance. Here’s the way to design a beach bathroom.

You can choose from a restful tropical environment and a fun and lively one. If you’re aiming for a few peace and relaxation, aim for colors like ivory, pale gold, tan and green. Earth colors help provide a more calm background. you’ll then add in accents like white window and shower curtains. Shower curtains should have tribal or tropical patterns also. If you’ve got translucent glass doors that cause the shower area, you’ll want to feature more designs thereon like seashells and fishes. Tropical plants and a few flowers will provide colorful tones. If you’ve got enough room, a palm or banana leaf is great as corner decors.

As for texture, wicker, bamboo, grasscloth, and rattan will create an interesting effect. you’ll place bamboo mats on the ground, cut bamboo trunks to be used as toothbrush and razor holders or line the screen with split bamboo. Seashells, small wooden totems, and hibiscus are great decoration items. you’ll want to feature starfish and gecko designs on shower curtains, cabinets and therefore the vanity. you’ll also remove the vanity and cabinet doors and have tribal patterns carved. Tiles are often grainy or unpolished to supply a sandy effect.

For a beach effect, the toilet should have much light preferably coming from natural sources. you’ll have bigger windows compared to traditional bathrooms. Simply cover windows with white drapes or hanging beads. A skylight may be a unique idea since it brings during a lot of sunlight during the day. There are hand-painted ceramic sinks available too which are perfect for your tropical design. Some toilet bowls have customized flush handles with fish or shell shapes. Bamboo mirrors are ideal over the sinks. Find an outsized shell and use it as a fixture. Other items within the room if possible should present a beach feel also just like the ashcan, towel hanger, and seat cover. Wicker baskets are excellent storage bins. you’ll place white stones and tropical plants like birds of paradise in it.

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