43 Gorgeous Rustic Farmhouse Decor Table Centerpieces

farmhouse decor table centerpieces 10

farmhouse decor table centerpieces 10

How to Make a DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece
Step 1 – Prep the Saucer Planter

Start by cutting Styrofoam to suit inside the saucer. Next, add the Styrofoam to the saucer by stacking pieces of the Styrofoam until it comes almost to the highest. Before adding, you’ll add a touch of hot glue to rock bottom to secure it even more and also between the layers. However, if you’d just like the ability to vary out the arrangement you’ll skip the recent glue. Add floral picks through the layers to secure them together. If the floral picks are protruding of the highest layer you’ll cut them off.

Next, cover the Styrofoam with moss using floral pins.

Step 2 – Add Hydrangeas

Trim stems from the Hydrangeas from the bush. Take a flash to regulate the flowers and confirm they’re open and searching natural.

Start with the longest stem and place it within the middle adding a touch of hot glue to the stem before inserting it into the Styrofoam.

Continue adding the flowers at different heights. I used approximately 8 Hydrangea stems.

Step 3 – Add Filler

Cut stems from the opposite bushes you’re using. Add hot glue to the stems for more adhesion before inserting.

Continue adding silk stems until you’re proud of the result. Remember to vary the heights of the stems and use different textures. I used some smaller white flowers and greenery including fern stems.

Note: For an appointment like this one, it’s helpful to use a turntable to spin it around so you’ll easily see all angles.

Step 5 – Finish

Check out the arrangement all the way around and fix any areas where stems got to be added. You’re done!

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