47 Stunning Coastal Kitchen Decorating Table Design

Coastal Kitchen Decorating Table 25

Coastal Kitchen Decorating Table 25

You don’t need to have a house to possess a coastal-inspired kitchen. With the proper colors, textures, and attitude, your kitchen can mimic the casual feel of ocean-front property, albeit you’re definitely landlocked.

We’ve got some tips, products, and style inspiration to assist you to start in realizing your dream of a coastal kitchen.


Like many (okay, all) decorating styles, you’ll prefer to go beat with coastal, otherwise, you can aim for the vibe. Colors are key when it involves coastal. Blue is that the main color related to the design, but within that color, there are numerous options. Will you decide on turquoise or seafoam? Navy nautical or sea glass and seashells?

Component of this style, and you’ll choose crisp, clean whites or washed whites. The wood you usher in through furniture or accents can help to intensify the blues or mute the whole palette, counting on what kinds of wood you select. Other colors that will work well for this style include coral, lime, and yellow.

Any paint brand you’re watching will have a variety of coastal colors, including blues, grays, whites, and neutrals. this is often an excellent place to start out before you are doing any decorating — you’ll choose a palette that speaks to your personal style, then build your kitchen using items that fit into that palette.

Fixtures also are excellent thanks to playing up your theme. Most coastal kitchens I’ve seen use brass or antiqued lighting fixtures, knobs, then forth, but I feel that silver could work rather well, too, counting on the wood, finishing, and colors you employ. Mixing works well with coastal decor, too, as it’s such a laid-back style that you simply don’t get to be too matchy-matchy.

Types & Combos

In addition to finding the proper color combos, considering what sort of coastal style you’re going for can help prevent feelings of being overwhelmed. Here are a couple of examples:

Nautical-themed rooms tend to play up dark blue and white colors. Stripes, anchors, and ships are frequent icons during this style.

Cottage coastal is usually called such when the space is little or features a more intimate feel. This style makes me consider the American East Coast and therefore the sorts of quintessential beach houses you would possibly find on any of these beaches.

Hawaiian or tropical is what I might call a more vibrant coastal style that borrows from the lushness and colorful combos found on tropical islands. Think flowers and greenery and perhaps a touch of boho.

These are just a couple of the styles you would possibly have an interest in. Don’t be afraid to combine and match, or to make your coastal-inspired style with a side mid-century modern, Mediterranean, global, or really any decor that you simply love.

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