47 Best Neutral Colors for Kitchens Design

Best Neutral Colors for Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the household, an area where you prepare meals and make memories. So it only is sensible that your kitchen’s color scheme reflects your unique tastes and personality, right?

The answer thereto is yes — and no.

Although there could also be a special hue that gets your heart thumping, there are many reasons why it is sensible to choose a neutral palette in your kitchen. Many design professionals agree that using shades like white, beige, or gray because the foundation for your kitchen not only open up a spectrum of colorful possibilities but enhance the worth of your home.

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The Never-Regret Factor
“Timeless colors are perfect, whether for resale or your dream home,” says Jackie Jordan, Dallas-based director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Your kitchen won’t suffer from this-looks-like-it-was-done-in-the-90s comments if you decide for a neutral palette.”

“It’s an area where potential buyers envision themselves spending tons of your time,” agrees Sue Pelley, spokesperson for Decorating Den Interiors in Easton, Md. Thus, although you’ll believe your purple cabinets are divine, others might imagine they’re dreadful. And that, she says, is often a true barrier to purchase.

But does going soft and natural mean you’ve got to stifle your inner Van Gogh? Not an opportunity.

“A neutral kitchen is that the perfect canvas to personalize as your tastes change,” says Jordan. “It gives you the chance to decorate with fun rugs, dinnerware — even just a fresh vase of flowers to liven things up.”

“I love having the ability to vary moods with colors, often inspired by the changing seasons,” says Wendy F. Johnson, a licensed kitchen and bath designer based in Manchester Village, Vt. “Neutrals can provide the bottom for an enormous range of related or contrasting colors to be used with them, from bright and saturated to peaceful, muted hues.”

Texture also adds an enormous impact to a neutral kitchen. a mixture of materials from rough to smooth and matte to high gloss creates visual contrast and reflects light differently throughout the day, says Johnson. “For example, you’ll mix barn wood walls and satin painted drywall, oak cabinetry with glass insets, lustrous concrete countertops with a stone tile backsplash. These might all be within the same tones, but nothing is boring here.”

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